Donnybrook Homestays

"Family Homestay Accommodation Specialist for London and UK "


Any group must consist of at least 10 students coming on the same coach, plane, train. There should always be a group leader and we should be informed of their name. At the time of booking we require the approximate numbers of boys/girls, average age of students and number of adults. Final details should be sent as soon after as possible. We require names, ages, sexes Also any special requirements including allergies and special dietary needs. We also require these details of all the group leaders. We reserve the right to  place the students + leaders in suitable groups of 2/3/4 depending on availability of beds/rooms in each family unless specifically requested otherwise.  This list will then be sent to you and you can allocate which students will go to each family.


Individuals must send all details of name, age, sex and any special requirements at the time of booking.